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Re: minimalist ripple client

Postby Sukrim » Wed Jul 29, 2015 12:42 am

I personally am waiting for a good "non-mil, non-'cyber'" extended license before I am going to open source significant programs that I wrote. I don't ever want my software to be legally used to directly or indirectly help in killing any humans or invading their privacy.

Anyways, licensing issues aside, it is nice to see some sample clients out there. As a suggestion I'd like to see signed git commits.
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Re: minimalist ripple client

Postby murarka » Tue Feb 23, 2016 10:07 am

Fantastic client! Thanks very much -- saves me much time. :)

jatchili wrote:(If this is in the wrong subforum please move it; thanks.)

Since RippleTrade signups are paused, I decided to publish a tool I made for minimal-overhead interaction with the Ripple network. It's only slightly more convenient than typing commands into the RPC console, but at least it's something...

It's aimed at people who are already mostly familiar with how Ripple works. The main consideration is simplicity of setup -- the entire thing is just one big HTML file which you can save and run locally. (I encourage you to do so, although, you should check this thread periodically for updates and bug reports.)

You can also run it through TorBrowser, for better security and privacy.

Important note: There's no memory, local or remote - your keys are discarded as soon as you close the window. You'll need to enter your secret whenever you want to make transactions. So, make sure it's stored in a safe place before you exit.

Caveat emptor, as goes without saying. However, feedback and pull-requests are welcome. (Details are on the GitHub page.) If you make a new account with the "generate identity" button, I can send you some XRP to play around with.
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Re: minimalist ripple client

Postby Rippler321 » Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:41 pm

This is a very handy XRP client tool to have in a pinch.

I do have a question regarding the "Trade" function.

How do you make a "Sell" offer??

I am able to make a "Buy" offer on XRP / USD/Bitstamp trading pair by doing this:

100 (Takerpays amount)
XRP (Takerpays CUR/Issuer)
20.00 (Takergets amount)
USD/rxxxx (Takergets CUR/Issuer)

This creates a Buy offer for 100 XRP for $20.00 USD/Bitstamp at 0.20 each.

How would I create a "Sell" offer for my 100 XRP to sell for 25.00 USD/Bitstamp at 0.25 each?

Thanks you in advance!!
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