XRP distribution update

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XRP distribution update

Postby monicalong » Mon Aug 15, 2016 4:00 pm

We updated the "Why Ripple Distributes XRP" section of the XRP Portal with a bit more detail. Here's the excerpt we updated:

If we distribute XRP with these goals in mind, over time we expect to see an increase in demand for XRP that more than offsets the additional supply we inject into the market. Said another way, we will engage in distribution strategies that we expect will result in a stable and strengthening XRP exchange rate against other currencies. To this end, we currently plan to distribute XRP primarily through business development deals, incentives to liquidity providers who offer tighter spreads for payments, and selling XRP to institutional buyers interested in investing in XRP. If market conditions permit, we expect our company to hold approximately 50 billion XRP by the end of 2021. This schedule is indicative and discretionary.
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