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The Sanctum of Fury Project

PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:44 pm
by twarden
I once upon a time in 2015 joined a Guild Wars 2 Guild in which I was the 2nd in command (Advisor) to the guild leader. The name was SoF or Sanctum of Fury and the GL had a Charr Warrior of the same name. He was nuts, he would play for over 24 hour periods at a time. is now a registered domain name that I own.

I have been in cryptocurrency since 2009 and I was around for the Bitcoin suicides...I want to be there for people who have had bad experiences within the community of ours need someone to talk to.

Also, I am looking for a total of 14 other individuals, myself making 15, to be the core of this SoF project. Together with my Assertions of Ownership,, and 30silvercoins com..I am going to be releasing more content for this New Year. Please remember that I officially joined the community on July 7, 2014. I opened XAGATE officially on Christmas Day of 2014.

Thank you all to who apply privately to my email whotooktwarden at gmail dot com.

If you are in crisis, please call your local suicide hotline or please take just ten minutes to write me an email. Please, allow me to dissuade you from screaming and putting a shot gun into your mouth.

Re: The Sanctum of Fury Project

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:25 am
by twarden
I have spent about 200$CAD on marketing materials...I am going to probably have to shapeshift some of my XRP and ETH once the market has improved conditions... lol...

I hope you will all enjoy my idea for PREPAID RIPPLE CONSENSUS LEDGER OPPORTUNITIES!

I reserve the right to issue Social Credit IOUs for this envelope/business card seal as well as reserve the right to reserve the 1st signed copy for my private collection. I reserve the the right to create as many of any single print run per year. I commit to utilizing a supplier which will only provide quality materials upon request for 3-5 day business shipping. I commit to never change these terms of service without due notice to the RCL/XRP Ledger community. I make the final commitment that I will not attempt to move the price of XRP, in fact, I prefer the price of XRP to remain at approximately half the value of a thin joint of cannabis or one cigarette at approximately 50-60 Cents CAD.

Namaste! Welcome to the IoV 2018/19!!