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Sorry for Past Expensive Silver Order-book

PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 1:01 pm
by twarden
To the trader(s) who lost out on some XRP during the roller-coaster ride earlier this month, sorry that you lost so much XRP relative to XAG IOUs, Gateway operators have to attempt to make some actual profit too.

Please contact me via my email with the transaction hash(es) then send a very small amount of XRP to ~Twarden with a DT of 9999 and then complete the registration process/KYC so that I can mail out some gram silver to the affected party(ies). I have two parcels to grab today so I hope one of them is containing the pieces I've been anxiously waiting to get my hands on again.

tldr; I screwed you over on the XRP/XAG order-book, you mad brother? Register with XAGATE for a small token of my appreciation, provide hashes, follow above steps to further confirm ID, then I will mail you some silver to lessen the blow to your bottom-line(s if multiple persons affected).