Weird Password Issue

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Weird Password Issue

Postby mtlnyc » Thu Jul 09, 2015 7:33 am

Although I can log into my account, when I'm trying to do any transactions or changes to my account, the system is asking me to input my password for validation (I know it's a checked option in my settings). The problem is that when I input my password, the system gives me a wrong password message even though it accepted my password at login. I cannot do anything with my account now (such as unchecking the password prompt option in my settings). I recently changed my Ripple name and I noticed that when I get into my account in the first place, only the previous Ripple name appears. only after I click on change name that I see the modified name in my options. Is there any problems with password synchronization? Please help!
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Re: Weird Password Issue

Postby twarden » Thu Jul 09, 2015 3:58 pm

This could possibly be a browser issue, if you aren't use Chrome try that, if you are then you should clear your cache and cookies then access your account again; try to disable this feature then re-apply it if you want it enabled if this succeeds. Otherwise, try to recover your account with your secret key and set a new password to your account, if that doesn't work, then your best course of action would be writing a short email to explaining your issue, send them your user-agent info, and link-back to your post.

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