Rounding on exchanging BTC for XRP.

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Rounding on exchanging BTC for XRP.

Postby LewesMint » Thu Nov 06, 2014 9:14 pm

Converting from BTC to XRP is rounding to 4 decimal places after the quote, if the result is more than 0.01, and if the amount is less than 0.01 its doing it to 17 decimal places.

Right now (at a price of 0.00001387XRP/BTC), 720 XRP gives quote of 0.00998727 BTC but then if you accept the quote it's actually performing the transaction as 0.00998726764375112 BTC => 720 XRP.

But 721 XRP is quoted as 0.01000114 BTC and then if you proceed with the transaction you get 0.0100 => 721 XRP.

You get 0.01 for 721 through to 724, but if you try 725 it rounds it up to a cost of 0.101 even though the actual quote was for 0.01005662.

The client never used to do this rounding. The amount you were quoted was the amount that was given during the transaction.
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Re: Rounding on exchanging BTC for XRP.

Postby JoelKatz » Thu Nov 06, 2014 11:55 pm

I'm not sure I fully understand what you're saying. But it's very typical for the rate to get worse the more you convert. The first increments you convert get the very best offers. The more you convert, the deeper into the order book you have to go. The client has no control over the actual price paid -- that's determined by the payment execution engine, and it takes the best offers first.
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Re: Rounding on exchanging BTC for XRP.

Postby LewesMint » Wed Nov 19, 2014 12:04 am

No that's not what I am saying. See here.

You enter a convert of BTC to 701 XRP and you get a quote of 0.009909... to 11 places


Then if you press the Exchange BTC button you get a quote to 17 decimal places.


But if the amount you're exchanging for exceeds 0.01 BTC it gets rounded up. Here's the first quote to 11 decimal places.


And then after pressing the exchange BTC button you get this screen where its rounded up to 4 decimal places.


When the transaction goes through it goes through at the rounded up rate. The client didn't do this until early November., The amount of BTC exchanged went into 8 decimal places.

I've also noticed that my BTC balance is now only showing 4 decimal places. Where are my satoshis? If I send BTC to Ripple from Bitstamp and I put 0.87654321 or something am I losing everything beyond the 4th decimal place?
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Re: Rounding on exchanging BTC for XRP.

Postby ripplerun » Wed Nov 26, 2014 4:49 am

I see problems with rounding & decimal places too. Rounding in certain cases is very coarse to 2nd decimal place only. Problematic also when exporting CSV. I did 2 small transaction tests as confirmation (and attached PNG):


It is somehow related to rounding around values close/above 0.01.
I'd like to export historic transactions data as a CSV file including many (>10) decimal places. However, this rounding messes up everything.

By the way, how do I report a bug if I don't have an Atlassian OnDemand account?
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Re: Rounding on exchanging BTC for XRP.

Postby Maze » Sun Dec 20, 2015 10:42 am

I also came across the rounding issue in CSV export.
It'd be essential for me to save my transaction history before ripple trade will turn off.

For example I bought 438.188959 XRP for 0.005806 BTC ( price : 0.000013 BTC per XRP ) thats about 0.00001325
In CSV it shows only a rounded rate of 0.01 BTC. If I want to reproduce my orders this would create a rate of 0,00002282
which is clearly wrong.

Please help - allow more precise output in the CSV export.
Thanks and best regards

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