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I recently get from time to time a "terINSUF_FEE_B" error. But I am certain I have enough XRP to pay any fee. Are there any other situations when "terINSUF_FEE_B" will occur? It happens mostly when several transactions are sent at the same time. The parameter maximum_txn_per_account in rippled is set to 40 (which should be more then enough in my case).

I suspect it sums up all transactions for this account that are in the open ledger and on basis on that determines the possible balance ... So if I place an order to sell 30.000 XRP and also an order to sell 20.000 XRP in the same open ledger and I have 40.000 XRP in my account, then I would receive this error...... Is this correct and 'works as intended'? (so it is placing of orders, not sending... )

edit: the total XRP seems to be determined per orderbook. So if the total of XRP sell orders of one orderbook > XRP balance then I receive the terINSUF_FEE_B. Isn't that strange?
I think I can work around it if I have to, but it seems non-intended. I want to place a stack of orders where the orders become larger when further from the fair price. This is possible for every type of orderbook, but apparently not for orderbooks where XRP is sold.

[edit: ticket created on github]
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