Creation of escrow issuer

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Creation of escrow issuer

Postby IrinaM » Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:42 pm

Dear support team,

We are currently investigating a possibility to create an Escrow Issuer with a wallet that can receive deposits.

1. Could you please give us some examples or a link to a document where we can find the correct request to create Escrow Issuer with own name and counterparty that is able to receive deposits and to be an issuer of a new cryptocurrency?

2. Also, we would like to send a new cryptocurrency from Escrow Issuer to a user account and freeze it for ending ICO campaign.
Could you share some examples of transactions to freeze a new cryptocurrency on user accounts?

We are looking forward to finding examples of code in C # or documentation describing how to create such a query.

Thank you a lot in advance.
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