Payment transaction cancelation problems

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Payment transaction cancelation problems

Postby IrinaM » Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:52 pm


We are trying to implement payment cancelation functionality and we can't figure out how to do it.

In case we send empty AccountSet request we get the error "tefPAST_SEQ".
We use sequence value from previous payment transaction and this transaction is not validated when we send empty AccountSet.

Request example:
"id": 1,
"command": "submit",
"secret": "our secret",
"tx_json": {
"TransactionType": "AccountSet",
"Account": "our account",
"Sequence": 1

Response example:
"id": 2,
"status": "success",
"type": "response",
"result": {
"engine_result": "tefPAST_SEQ",
"engine_result_code": -190,
"engine_result_message": "This sequence number has already passed.",
"tx_blob": "12000322800000002400000DA568400000000000000A7321034D0730A702B1414A32610307C84D1F27DB2F76EC7360D7AB0979449D9AD17CFF7446304402201A3042208FD1D0A940E46CD976C945C6EB0663C77E06AE7BDC72028945339002022003F2578E4F858404D55D07612E1DB3436611E97EF0F140842FCDD5F9B56F2BC4811432B4EE2D0F33A80DAE71D94DA9C66EC34B10DED0",
"tx_json": {
"Account": "our account",
"Fee": "10",
"Flags": 2147483648,
"Sequence": 1,
"SigningPubKey": "034D0730A702B1414A32610307C84D1F27DB2F76EC7360D7AB0979449D9AD17CFF",
"TransactionType": "AccountSet",
"TxnSignature": "304402201A3042208FD1D0A940E46CD976C945C6EB0663C77E06AE7BDC72028945339002022003F2578E4F858404D55D07612E1DB3436611E97EF0F140842FCDD5F9B56F2BC4",
"hash": "B561B0E8DFE8632B211C241BFA8DC6D033CAA288C782F8ACBF92A682B6C503F8"

Could you please assist us with this issue.
It would be great if you could provide more detailed instructions or request examples.
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