сyber•Fund - Release the Rating

сyber•Fund - Release the Rating

Postby creat0r » Mon Jul 20, 2015 1:58 pm

We are happy to inform you -  cyber • Fund releasing the Rating!
Look it now:

Try cyber • Fund Rating


We need your help!

The main goal for us is your love of our service. We will deliver updates every week and we need your help to make cyber•Fund better together.
Don't hesitate and post your feedback here.

Quick overview of features:

1. Outlook: Smooth and Sexy:
- No ads.
- Fast navigation
- Real-time updates without annoying refreshes
- A layout that fits in your screen
- Google’s cool material design
2. Parameters that Talk
- Supply
- Trade Volumes
- Market Cap
- No crap at the top
3. сyber•Rating - every asset is rated
4. Meaningful Assets - illiquid assets are listed
5. Clear listing principles

More detailed information about Rating in cyber•Blog:

Read: Releasing the Rating

In addition, we inform you that this week we will publish Cybernetic Economy Report 2015 H1.

This is a preview slide about Ripple

сyber•Fund makes digital investments comprehensible, accessible, easy and safe.

сyber Fund believes in a leading role of blockchain and cryptoplatforms in the future, which unite together all the existing technologies into the global Intelligence.
Our industry overview already covered in Cybernetic Economy Report 2015. The next report we will delivered next week.

Ask questions and discuss everything about blockchains, DAOs, DApps, disruptive math and social consensus innovations on the Cybereconomy forum - cyber•Talks.

Also, don’t forget that we love to tweet!

Read our newsletters in the cyber•Blog.
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