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Ripple Consensus Ledger Prepaid USB Sticks (ETA Jan 5 2019)

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 7:05 pm
by twarden
HELLO to the RIppleNet!

I am excited to announce that I am now a Vista Print Reseller and I have made such a good impression with the support team that I was able to pass up to the proper channels for VP to investigate a partnership with the prepaid debit/credit card provider I attempted to partner with (I am still below their value threshold) for a bridge to XAG/XAU/ETC via RCL IOUs and XRP...With none other than Berkley Payment Solutions Ltd. This company would be a 100% match for 8569541 CANADA INC, so I hope VP is successful...

Otherwise, I am to announce today my plans for releasing a competitor to the Ledger Nano S!

VistaPrint.Ca Allows me to do two things when it comes to providing you, the users of the Ripple Consensus Ledger, with XRP Value as a utility and ACCESS to the NETWORK!

1. I can receive delivery from

For the off-the-self versions I will sell in-person and perhaps in a brick and mortar location once settled in Edmonton, Alberta, I will be selling prepaid XRP Ledger USB Sticks. These USB sticks will be branded with "Internet of Value 20XX" as well as the "Sanctum of Fury" Suicide Prevention Gaming Club web site URL. On the reverse, we will be making a limited print run of certificates of authenticity in the form of premum, glossy envelope/business card seals. For 720 seals, I pay a total of 96.28$CAD plus shipping fees for 3-5 day shipping. Sticks are only ordered a minimum of 2 at a time for 18.08$CAD plus shipping...The current off the shelf version is below and there are currently only 2 available that will receive the 1st edition,limited print run seals mentioned in the Official SoF Announcement Thread. These two plus two branded 8569541 CANADA INC USB sticks are being created as the first print run of this product. These two unique designs will be reused with further seal certificate numbers but the numbers 1-12/96 are obviously going to be very closely guarded by people I trust and the first 2 are going to be in my and stronger hands...

How will this work..can you trust me to not record your secret key? Well of course, it is bad business for me to record your secrets! As further security to my word, immediately set a new regular key...

This USB will feature:

-The World Exchange Open Source Wallet
-The Open Source Ripple Windows Desktop Application
-Ripplerm's Advanced Ripple-Wallet Firefox Application
~Twarden's TheQuickGatewayKit Open Source web-kit for creating Ripple Gateways and Cryptocurrency Exchanges; Pre-Release Version 1.0.9.

In addition to this, your USB stick will also be loaded with TAILS but it will NOT be configured. I will also be adding in the Windows version of the Portable Apps suite to your USB stick!

NOTE: To the other developers that I respect very much, if you do NOT wish me to include your packages zips and tarballs, please tell me so and I will include your information in the README.TXT file!

2. You can receive delivery from

a. I can custom brand your USB stick but you must fetch all software to load your USB stick to make a physical Ripple wallet before I may activate your account. I totally suggest using the Windows Ripple Desktop Wallet to create an encrypted secret key file which you unlock with a passphrase. The second best option is using the other two mentioned packages to generate a secret and write it on a piece of paper twice then copy and paste your public address into the read me file of your USB stick that you yourself create with your personal information in case lost/stolen...

b. I can be hire to take 45 minutes of my day to completely set you up via a Google Hangout phone or Video Call or through Skype. This will incur extra fees.

XRP Ledger Accesss USB Sticks will be sold for approximately 50$CAD each for 35 XRP to be funded to your Ripple account. Due to the limited print run and unique nature of this product being numismatic in nature, we will only be creating 50 XRP and 100 XRP or larger denominations of Access USB Stick(s) upon request, first come, first served!

Please note that prices are subject to change. Please note that private sales of silver and gold bullion will receive a discount.

My private 2 USB Sticks are already on my Facebook...good luck lurkers and traders a like...Happy 2018/19!!

Please, consider your time, please volunteer with the SoF Sanctum of Fury Suicide Prevention Gaming Club every second weekend of each month... Please contact twarden at sanctumoffury dot comto apply for a position within a leadership role... Requesting EST, PST, China, Singapore, Russian, and New Zealand/Australian time zones especially!!

Re: Ripple Consensus Ledger Prepaid USB Sticks (ETA Jan 5 20

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:10 pm
by twarden
Note that due to my secondary gift of testing the mental health act in Canada (plus the disability act) without being a lawyer by trade, these products will not become available for the foreseeable future, at least until I am able to get permissions to leave the hospital grounds (50 Charlton Avenue East, Hamilton, Ontario, Intersection of James Street South & Charlton Ave).

As for my other intellectual properties and their design/development, I can't say anything too detailed yet except that I am excited to finally be working in Art/info-graphics/brochures/physical IOUs and creating numismatic products based off of the "hanko seal."

I have been offered funding and I just need to make a few adjustments to get some usury for 30 years with a great rate. I unfortunately do not think I can convince this corporation to do an equity exchange for one or more of my IPs...hence I will need some more time in hospital, get set up in Haldimand-Norfolk (to get out of the city, it is a mess here in Hammertown, I am done and want out from the "INSIDE")....

I was illegally evicted from 4-331 Strathearne Avenue on December 21, 2018. I will be contacting the Landlord and Tenant Board to follow through with whatever procedures may be applicable..I was told that my lease is now void but I believe i should receive at least some sort of compensation for being forcefully removed from the premises by the LL and I also believe I am entitled to a partial refund on the 500$ rent deposit for the suite I was renting within this boarding home...

That is all for now..
Namaste, Owna, and stay safe...