Market / Exchange posting guidelines

Market / Exchange posting guidelines

Postby dchapes » Wed May 01, 2013 10:44 pm

A few guidelines to posting within this sub-forum:
  • If you are a new user asking about acquiring the starting XRP (ripples) to activate your account, please do not start a new topic if an existing topic will do. Only start a new topic if you have a unique offer to make.
  • Please refrain from making offers that are better done within Ripple itself (e.g. trading BTC/XRP or USD/XRP). See Guide to Currency Trading on the Ripple Network.
  • If offering an item/service for sale via Ripple payment, prefix your topic subject with "[Offer]".
  • If looking for some item/service that you'd like to pay for via Ripple, prefix your topic subject with "[Want]".
  • No illegal or questionable items/services.

Trades within Ripple (where ever possible) are greatly preferred to the OTC (over the counter) style trades that are posted in this sub-forum. Within Ripple, a trade will complete and exchange the currencies/IOUs without any risk of one party backing-out of the trade or failing to deliver.

The offers posted in this sub forum typically involve some item, service, or currency exchanged outside of Ripple in exchange for a payment inside of Ripple. Ripple Labs and the moderators of this forum take no responsibility for these trades. Beware of possible frauds and scams. Warning: any payment made in Ripple is by design irreversible. If you make a Ripple payment to someone and they fail to hold up their end of the deal, there is nothing that Ripple Labs or the moderators of this forum can do to help.
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