Speculation Sub-Forum Intro/Guide

For any discussion reguarding the price or exchange rate of any tradable item within Ripple

Speculation Sub-Forum Intro/Guide

Postby dchapes » Fri Oct 25, 2013 3:26 pm

This speculation sub-forum is for any and all discussion regarding the price or exchange rate of any tradable item within Ripple. It's also for speculation regarding possible Ripple partners and the effect that may or may not have on the Ripple ecosystem.

This sub-forum was created due to community demand, discussion about the sub-forum can continue on the latest Meta topic about it.

Neither RippleLabs nor the moderators give or endorse any advice with respect to the present or future value of any tradable item within Ripple. Further, many supporters of the Ripple platform (this moderator among them) think that speculation on the value of XRP is a distraction from Ripple. This sub-forum is largely so that people that wish to, can avoid the distraction by skipping over it.

It is this moderators opinion that to use the term "investment" with respect to XRP is incorrect. Trading in XRP or holding it in an attempt to profit is simply speculation. The exchange rate of XRP has little to do with the success or failure of the Ripple platform. There is nothing wrong with speculation or trying to profit from it, but it differs from investing. True investment in Ripple involves investing in, encouraging, or starting companies (or individuals) that are using and promoting the platform.

Posts making wild and unsupported claims (e.g. "1 XRP = x USD by 20xx!!!") and their inevitable mix of unsupported "you're wrong"/"even higher"/"it's craaaassshing!!!!" replies are pointless and such topics may be closed or removed. If you're going to make a prediction or throw a number around, show your reasoning and calculations.

Thank you.
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