XRP new records

XRP new records

Postby karlos » Fri May 05, 2017 12:11 pm

Congrats to Ripple on breaking the 10c mark for XRP. The price may go up or down from here, but it's a real testament to all the hard work you guys put in. :heart: :heart:
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Re: XRP new records

Postby twarden » Sun Jun 04, 2017 1:27 pm

Congrats to XRP reaching 50 cents CAD! It also is for the most part stable above 30-37 cents CAD, meanwhile the XAGATE corporation does have price support for 25 cents no-matter-what. The high is ~52 cents CAD rounded upwards. Safe space for the 'special stupid' people, the below post is written in a certain tone which some individuals may believe is not safe for work (NSFW), so proceed with caution if at work.

I want Caribou Head memes people... Why am I the only one talking to myself in the XAGATE market thread too, eh?? I did my job finally so I'm just sitting around sort of waiting for the cards to come in with the PMs by-mail then a rigorous reformatting of the ToS can occur.
Then *poof* credit union that did not cost me 500K$ (also without gathering 20 people, 2/3 of which statistically are poison pills) to get started annnnnnd people can use a proxy buying service from me for USD, GBP, + EUR relative to GAU (gold gram) when activated & ready to go. Last, there are loads of remittance products I see opportunities for when bridging payment through BitGold/now GoldMoney.

But no seriously, where are the Caribou head memes people?? Get to work on it, please. This is all about the hype nao..to be able to wake up people to federated value transactions plus sound money systems such as silver, gold, XRP, and most recently the polybius ICO.

...So how about we get the right people to interact with the International Standards Organization (ISO)..ummmm..like right F-ing nao? I volunteer myself and yes I know I am under-qualified for any position in the ISO but F it, I want in free of charges, & I am sure nikb, DJS, SZ, my only kyc'd client, plus another b2b client in the EU have a DAMN good idea of what I am planning in this endeavor..that is if it does go anywhere...

Good luck on your bets people, I've made mine, and the best bet is transparency while being Anonymous (Grey shirts/lime-green hats).

Cicada 3301, O5-O798 would like to report THE GAME NAO (North American Orders ie as in NGOs/Guilds for complete understanding)


Last, Please, kindly, do not F with me/us (PKDNFWM/U).

You know who you are, please pay me my dues via Bountysource for the 75$/mth goal or tip ~Twarden or please tip the BTC address 1K6y61vt4VWmcMA2TEp4wHtArFxJAvpgSB :)


I just lost the game. May be see you in 30 minutes.

karlos wrote:Congrats to Ripple on breaking the 10c mark for XRP. The price may go up or down from here, but it's a real testament to all the hard work you guys put in. :heart: :heart:

Will talk to you the last week of June about lifting the ban on XRPchat. You ALL know you want my essays, don't make me post them to this crappy board that gets spammed to hell every so often and isn't even like an SMF... Yeah, I got testaments on my feet, promise not to show them off to anyone because see 4 reconstructive feet surgeries and their recovery's toll on the body is not something people generally enjoy seeing photos of but I can certainly comply to the "PICS OR IT NEVER HAPPENED" meme if you really, really wanted me too.

Oh I support the standard of Gateways funding accounts with 30 XRP to cover small amount of trust-lines, activate the account, and have plenty to go and pay transaction fees with/test small volume trades. Just saying it was 35-50 but it really should stick around 30 XRP now unless the reserve is dropped via vote.
XAGATE Thread~PreciousWallet.io Thread

Don't worry! I'm pretty sure that I got this under control, the last crazy visionary was was far too insane, but I struck the correct balance.
BCT Thread

I am not affiliated with Ripple Labs.
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Re: XRP new records

Postby brijlalk007 » Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:38 pm

What is the future of XRP, how the price will be affected with the upcoming hardfork on bitcoin, is there any impact to its price?

Why is the price hovering around a range and is not willing to climb, does it mean that xrp community, investors and well wishers are of any negative opinion on its future??

I am observing XRP price trends and those appear to be more of trading, investment objectives are purely defeated here.

What should be an investor plan here next??
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