This Is Why XRP Ripple WILL SUCCEED!

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This Is Why XRP Ripple WILL SUCCEED!

Postby MAkram » Mon Nov 09, 2015 5:51 pm


I have done little research regarding long term XRP Ripple price & predicted market value that i understand rightly or wrongly some may agree & others may disagree with my analysis.

As we in forums, we communicate as well as assist each other to better understand driving forces in the crypto-currency market as well as long term volatility, along with our predictions.

Since Bitcoin in the "KING" of crypto-currency due to its high price compared to other currencies.

“The creation of Bitcoin has allowed purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution”.

Now to my main point about long term value of XRP Ripples & why i feel its going to be a success in the long term for investors, banks and people .

Some of this information you may have already come across & but when you put 2+2 together you can see things in a context providing a more complex but complete picture.

Ripple is recognized as “the world’s first open payment network”,

Ripple is currency agnostic; it supports any currency (USD, EUR, BTC, etc.) including its own native currency, XRP.

When a user wants to withdraw money from the Ripple network by redeeming a balance for cash, the gateway that originally issued the balance is responsible for redeeming it against the deposits it holds just like a conventional bank account.

In practice, many Ripple gateways may look very similar to traditional banks; but a gateway can be any business that provides access to the Ripple network. Gateways can be banks, money service businesses, marketplaces, or any financial institution.

Traditional banking has risks, we learned during the financial crisis, dollar balances at Chase are not always equivalent to dollar balances at the Bank of Cyprus. So there are understandably risks involved with XRP Ripple as well as we learned from the Bitcoin crash in 2013 which sent crypto-currency markets flat of their head, resulting, investors loosing substantial amounts of their investment.

XRP Ripple investment carries a risk where the value inflates & deflates based on supply & demand like any other investment.

Why Banks Have Confidence in Ripple Protocol
Banks see Ripple protocol or payment gateway as a future payment processing network not only to save money but to provide a service to clients as well with an "INSTANT" transaction within seconds rather than days. Banks view this method a more feasible, cost effective & reliable way to do business.

In some way Ripple is now become more like traditional banks (in early stages of development) in terms of transparency just happens to be that the way that the Ripple technology tracks information is by account. And an account is connected with an account holder, an individual or an entity that's holding that account. So, using this technology we're able to see financial activity by account holder just like traditional banks.

Raised Capital Gives Market Confidence
Finally banks only invest in projects they see that will make a profit, so far Ripple Labs have raised $41 Million . Several banks, including CBW Bank and Cross River Bank in the United States, announced that they would adopt the protocol.

The reason behind this is that transactions will take seconds rather than (currently) it takes at least 2 days for international bank transfers, this will save banks & companies large amount of money & hours spent processing payments.

Current Banking Payment System
Global payments systems are built on pre-Internet, outdated rails. The invention of bitcoin and cryptocurrency marked a pivotal moment in history, as it laid the foundation for an IP-based payments system. Now, Ripple wires the world's money together through its breakthrough transaction Internet protocol and federated payments network. What does it mean? Anyone can send money anywhere in the world, in any currency, instantly and practically for free.

Did anyone ever imagine in 2009 that Bitcoin will be accepted as a payment method? Look at it today, its common & accepted & used widely.

Ripple Future
In my view once the ripple network gets recognised & is used & accepted widely as a forex or money exchange by traditional banks, then this will be the time when we will see Ripple price go towards a constant upward trend, which is expected to take around 3-5 years. In meanwhile turbulent Bitcoin will dictate Ripple price until fully developed & functional.

Here is a link below to a video give an idea how gateways & protocols work in ripple network.

How Ripple Works - Gateways and Pathways

Your views are welcome..!


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Re: This Is Why XRP Ripple WILL SUCCEED!

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